The UK’s first digital 2-day drone event 

28th & 29th April 2021

APRIL 28th & 29th 2021
Discover your roadmap to success at COPTRZ CON, 15 LIVE events with drone experts and industry trail-blazers

COPTRZ presents the UK's first 2-day digital drone event

Our popular drone demonstration day returned for 2021 but this time, we went digital!

Catch up on two days worth of live demonstrations of your favourites drones, payloads and software. You’ll discover a showcase of products from industry giants including: 

Never before have you been able to access so many world-class drone partners, industry experts and global panellists in one place.

Are you wondering which solution is right for your surveying applications? Want to hear what real people think of the ELIOS 2? 

Not only can you see demonstrations of the world’s leading drone technology, you’ll also hear from the people who use it daily. Get the real inside scoop on popular products, tips for operating drones and more from organisations like:

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Some serious talent has walked through the doors of Coptrz Academy, now it’s time to recognise these people! 

If you’ve been using drones in new and innovative ways, or just have an extraordinary drone story to share, then you need to enter the COPTRZ CON People’s Choice Great Innovation Award. You can even nominate a mate!

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Key Speakers

The drone industries biggest game changes all in one place

Asif Gillani, Parrot

Showcasing the Parrot Anafi series, Asif will provide in-depth knowledge of this quick and agile drone, demonstrating its unique imaging capabilities that enable immediate action, including its infamous hand-launch capability.

Junio Palomba, Flyability

Junio will be tuning in live from Switzerland to provide his expert knowledge on the Elios 2 Inspection drone and its uses within the oil & gas, maritime and power generation sectors. If you’re interested in drones for inspection, this is a one-off opportunity to speak to the man in the know.

James Wardlow, Phase One

For those seeking the extraordinary, James Wardlow will be showcasing the Phase One IXM Camera Series, speaking about his experience as a navigator/ aerial survey specialist and knowledge of these survey-grade camera systems.

Ian Ashworth, Networx3

Ian is the founder of Networx3 Drones and recently he’s joined the respected trade body ARPAS-UK to help shape the future of the drone industry. The non-profit membership organisation represents drone users nationwide and is known to many in the industry. Ian will be joining us to speak about Networx3 and its work with drones.

Sam Denniff, COPTRZ

Sam is our in-house UAV expert for public safety within military, police, fire and search & rescue organisations. Sam has supported the supply of integrated drone solutions to some of the UK’s largest and most pioneering emergency service organisations including Devon & Cornwall Police, Ministry of Defence, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Leicester Police and Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Soren Land, Lorenz Technology

Lorenz Technology are experts in software for Enterprise Security and Enterprise Inspection using drones (UAV’s) and ground vehicles (UGV’s). Soren is a Sales Director here and he'll be joining our Eye in the Sky, Drones for Public Safety summit to share more about the exciting innovations happening at Lorenz Technology.

Dave Twining, Planck

Planck Aero has developed an entirely new capability for drone flight - the ability to launch and land on a moving vehicle. They offer sUAS autonomy as a software solution, including real-time object detection and tracking. Dave will be tunning in from San Diego, California to chat with us about this exciting new technology.

Matt Williams, Brigantes

Brigantes originates from the UK outdoor industry, bringing with it the principles of openness, technical expertise and ethical business. An offshoot of a long-standing family business, with over forty years of experience building and selling outdoor brands across the globe, Brigantes was conceived to bridge the gap between the Outdoor and Defence industries in order to provide the best equipment and advice possible to the men and women in our armed forces.

Ana Gamarra, Raptor UAS

Ana is Managing Director at Raptor UAS Ltd. With extensive experience within the oil & gas and shipbuilding sectors as well as rope access qualifications, Ana truly understands the benefits of introducing drone technology into industrial inspection applications. Ana also has many other impressive qualifications under her belt such as a Master of Science in Naval Architecture, she's an international welding engineer (IWE) and has an NDT Level 2 certificate.

Greg Barrett, Northumbrian Water

Greg is a Project Engineer at Essex & Suffolk Water, part of the Northumbrian Water Group. They have one mission, to provide clean, great tasting tap water to over 1.8 million customers every single second of every single day. Greg and his team use drone technology regularly to inspect Dams and Reservoirs integrity, and he'll be joining our Drone for Energy summit to discuss how drones are assisting in the utilities and energy sector.

Mark Coleman, GeoAcess

Mark has been operating in the geotechnical and structural engineering sector for 18 years. Starting GeoAccess in 2014 with his business partner to inspect hard to access assets, they quickly realised the benefits drones could bring to the company in terms of both efficiency and safety and adopted them as part of the companies tools to deliver first class technical inspections.

George Burne, COPTRZ

George has enhanced business performance in organisations like Severn Trent Water, IRISNDT and TEXO by providing a complete drone solution. George’s expertise lies in increasing business efficiency by using a drone solution where possible as well as traditional inspection methods. Key clients report project times are now counted in days rather than weeks, the quality of the data is much higher, and smaller crews are required to carry out the inspection.

Dr Richard Lilley, Project Seagrass

Dr Richard Lilley is the Co Founder and Director at Project Seagrass, an environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems through education, influence, research and action. Richard will be joining us to speak about how they use the WingtraOne fixed wing drone to help with Seagrass conservation.

Peter Taylor, COPTRZ

Drone technology is growing every day, COPTRZ has realised that the demand from the Real Estate sector is growing too. Peter has joined COPTRZ as our in-house UAV expert for the Property and Real Estate markets. His background in the commercial property sector and workplace fit out means that Peter’s knowledge of the industry is invaluable at COPTRZ. Peter understands the uses of drones across all parts of the industry from marketing all the way through to construction. While being at COPTRZ, Peter has already helped provide drone solutions for likes of KIER.

Nick Strelczuk, Northampton SAR

Northamptonshire Search and Rescue are a group of trained volunteers who are on call 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. They are mainly called out to assist in the search for vulnerable missing people across the 760 square miles of Northamptonshire. Nick will be joining us to speak about how they use drones in search and rescue operations and the impact they have in saving lives.

Randall Warnass, FLIR

FLIR offer a diverse portfolio for a number of applications in government & defence, industrial, and commercial markets. FLIR’s product range strives to strengthen public safety and well-being, increase energy and time efficiency, and contribute to healthy and intelligent communities. Randall will be joining us live from the USA to speak with us about how his technology is used within the public safety sector.

Perry Smith, Norfolk Fire

Perry is a technical support officer at Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service. They introduced drone technology into their emergency response service in 2018 when they purchased the DJI Inspire. He says, “Over the last two years, we have proven that drones can be used for good in the fire service."

Kevin Gillespie, Coptrz

Kevin is an award-winning Strategic Marketeer with 18+ years experience in the industry. He's worked with massive world brands including Barclays, Department of Health, MacMillan, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, StepChange Debt Charity, Citu and Fairtrade, and he's currently a Marketing Director at COPTRZ. Kevin will be bringing his signature energy to COPTRZ CON to open up the event with a bang!

Arron Goodwill, Goodwill Roofing

A. Goodwill roofing is a family run business with more than 30 years of experience. They handle domestic, commercial, and industrial contracts and have recently adopted drone technology into their business. Arron will be joining us live from Surrey to talk about the process they went through to adopt drones successfully and the impact they're already having on his business.

Adam Watkin, AeroMedia

Adam says, "I have always been interested in radio controlled models and have since the age of ten, been flying planes and helicopters and since the introduction of drones, been flying cameras to. I trained with Coptrz and have been running my own drone company and cover construction site and tv work. I’m also part of the Coptrz Training Team and mainly cover practicals exams and product hand overs."

Richard Nichols, Airwards

Richard is the founder of Airwards - the first global digital awards scheme of its kind to recognise positive drone use cases which are innovative, safe and have real-world implications. Their vision is to have drones recognised for leading the way in every industry. Richard will be joining us as a panellist in our very own COPTRZ Recognition Awards.

James Pick, COPTRZ

As a surveyor by trade James knows the importance of making strategic decisions that ensure your organisation is achieving survey-grade data for your projects. Every organisation is unique and that’s why it’s important that your drone solution is too. With James’ industry experience he can create the perfect drone solution with everything you need from hardware to training so you can hit the ground running. James has already helped hundreds of organisations such as Costain, Pfizer, Veolia, Jacobs and Can group to adopt drone technology.

Emily Bratt, DronePrep

Emily is a geography graduate, and Innovation Lead and Community Manager at DronePrep. She’ll be speaking about her role in groundbreaking projects like bringing together a consortium of Royal Mail, Skyports, what3words (and of course DronePrep) to achieve Royal Mails first ever delivery by drone on the Isle of Mull.

Caroline Earnshaw, Networx3

Caroline is Commercial Director for Networx3, who specialise in Fibre Optic Voice and Data Infrastructure solutions including innovative technology such as blown fibre optics. She says, "We [Networx3] have five drone pilots that work with us so we can cover the whole country for drone inspections. I am one of the five pilots myself, I got the PfCO in January 2020 and I’m the designated ELIOS 2 pilot. This is hands down my favourite drone."

Jamie Cording, COPTRZ

Jamie is a UAV strategist at COPTRZ, and he's helped hundreds of business start-ups move from sitting on the fence to running fully-fledged drone businesses with steady clients in a range of sectors. From emergency services to environmental survey and from civil engineering to offshore oil and gas. Drone technology has opened up a whole new market for business start-ups and existing organisations utilising drones to make their operations faster, safer and more efficient.

Chris Flannagan, TLP Drone Security

Chris is the CEO of TLP Drone Security and an OFQUAL Level 4 certified drone pilot. Through using the latest in drone technology, combined with a background in Policing and UK Armed Forces, TLP Drone Security provides flexible solutions, whether it is a single incident, a festival, or more regular security support.

Harry Crawford, Coptrz

Harry is a drone pilot trainer at COPTRZ, he has helped hundreds of aspiring drone pilots pass their flight tests to gain their qualifications to operate safely. He will be co-hosting our "You're a drone pilot, now what?" seminar to talk about what you should be doing after you become a qualified drone pilot such as professional bodies to register with, further training, and more.

Nate Moore, Pix4D

Nate is the Senior Product Manager at Pix4D - the unique photogrammetry software suite for drone mapping. He is an experienced international geospatial professional, with more than 15 years of experience in GIS, BIM and photogrammetry. Joining us live from Neuchâtel, Switzerland to talk you through how to get the most out of your aerial survey data.

Gareth Whatmore, DronePrep

Gareth is a entrepreneur who has specialised in development planning, sustainable transport, drones and new mobility. He previously worked for planning, engineering and multi-disciplinary consultancy firms and startups over the last 13 years. In July 2019 Gareth founded DronePrep with the aim of opening up low-level airspace for Drone Use and helping connect landowners, pilots, enterprise and end users to help the drone sector flourish.

Steve Blair, Coptrz

Steve’s knowledge of emerging technologies and different applications for these technologies stems from 10 years’ experience in the evolving motor industry where he has overseen multiple new vehicle releases, ever-changing cycles of different technologies, different engines, different safety regulations and more recently the evolution to electric vehicles.

Pierangelo Rothenbuehler, Pix4D

Pierangelo is joining James and Nate to bring you the latest from Pix4D. He is a Software Team Manager and values growth much like we do at COPTRZ. Pix4D is a market leader in photogrammetry software technology. Their products enable you to digitize reality and measure from images taken from planes, drones, phones, or any other camera. "We revolutionize photogrammetry, so you can scale up and unleash the power of your imagery."

Tommy Wilson, Flock

Tommy Wilson is Drone Partnership Manager at Flock, an insurtech on a mission to make the world a smarter, safer place. Flock insures thousands of individual drone pilots and the world's largest fleets, including the ongoing NHS delivery trials. With a focus on helping operators and manufacturers improve safety, Tommy is excited to join the conference and share insights from Flock's analysis of over 2 million flights.

Duncan Turner, Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water is a regional, state-owned water authority based in the Midlands and responsible for water supply management, and waste water treatment and disposal. The business is located in the catchment areas of two of Britain’s largest rivers – the Severn and the Trent.

Chris York, Buckingham Goup

Chris has been working for Buckingham group since July 2015 conducting a variety of jobs from setting initial control to as-built surveys and accurate volume calculations. The company has grown organically to become a highly established Main/Principal Contractor, providing a range of stand-alone or fully integrated services in Civil Engineering, Building, Sports & Leisure, Demolition, Land Remediation/Restoration, and Rail. Chris has experience with the Phantom 4 RTK, M300 RTK and the Wingtra.

Simon Judd, Precision Air Surveys

Simon is the Managing Director at Precision Air Surveys, a company made up of qualified CAA approved Drone pilots, and qualified Land & Civil Engineering Surveyors, with over 25 years experience in the industry. Using their experience and in-depth knowledge of National and local co-ordinate systems, along with modern surveying techniques, they have been able to seamlessly adopt the very latest in RTK UAV systems and processing software.

Terence Thiel, Wingtra

Everyone knows a Wingtra when they see one! The professional VTOL drone for mapping and surveying is a popular choice for many and joining us live to chat all about it is Wingtra sales manager, Terence. He is an experienced global Sales Leader who has worked in some of the oldest hardware and newest tech and software companies in the construction and surveying industry.

Stephen Jameson, Coptrz Academy

Stephen is the new Head of Training at Coptrz Academy. He has been involved in commercial aviation for more than 30 years and commercial flight training for 18 years. He says "I became interested in flying drones recreationally several years ago and that casual interest progressed into a professional career conducting UAS training, and topographical / agricultural surveying and inspection utilising UAV’s."

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COPTRZ is proud to present COPTRZ CON 2021. Industry giants come together for the UK’s first-ever two day live digital drone event. 

Never before have you been able to access so many world-class drone partners, industry experts and global panellists in one place.

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